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Why I started:

It all started with a Trip…

When I went on a solo camping trip in the Canadian wilderness I didn’t really expect to come out with a new direction in my life; obsessed with learning the technical and fundamental aspects of working on software.

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Returning to the Valley

After working odd jobs from construction to casino worker while, at the same time, building business on the side, life was getting pretty busy for our growing family. That’s when we decided to move back to our small, rural hometown of Valemount, BC. Returning was one of the best choices we’ve ever made as it allowed us the space and peace of mind a city couldn’t provide.

Getting the job done right.

I’m just a guy who loves to code, who loves to get the job done. With a passion for helping others, I taught myself new technologies I previously thought were beyond my ability. Help me do the same for others!

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