Googles New Phone: Pixel

Google has recently released a new mobile phone which goes by the name “Google Pixel”

Its amazing to see that Google, which only started as a search engine have now been developing the techs such as mobile phones and tablets. Google Pixel has been admired a lot by many different review type companies.

Critics are saying that its as powerful as an IPhone 7.


Why the name JohnsBlog?

The main reason as to why i named my website address “JohnsBlog” is because, i would people to know that most posts that will be posted will be related to me in some way.

I also like to keep it unique by just having my name even though my blog is categorized as technology/computing

Why is my blog related to Technology/Computing?

Since the days when i was in school, i had always been keen to get my hands on the latest piece of new tech. An example was purchasing the new iPhone that was released every year.

Other interests was building my own computers and selling them on the internet. All the computers were built from scratch. Technology in the world today has by far been enhanced in the recent years.

During free time, i would surf the internet browse the latest tech equipment.