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I’m just starting out but the next ones will have better lighting/quality

Hi there, I’m John McKirdy and I’m starting the long process of building up the hefty portfolio that is required to get into the software development/ computer sciences business. Ha ha Its def gonna be a long run! I had always been interested in coding but was never really motivated to do anything about it. That has changed over the last few months and I am now intent on diving into this as a hobby, then hopefully, a career.

Not knowing where to start can always be a bit of a problem when undertaking a task such as this. I mean I don’t even write anything anymore let alone come up with all the content and learn these new languages all at once. But one step at a time…. First I learned some Python. Enough to get an easy little text game going which I should eventually get connected to this site. I do try to break into more complex bits of code too and go beyond what my comfort coding levels are. But now WordPress is distracting me from this since it would be a quicker way to level up to actually getting paid for something in the Comp Sci/ SoftwareDev. space. And so that is what I have been doing this past week. All the while of coarse completing my reno that I am using as an example for this Test Site. Signing off now — But this reminds me, I should try to update this blog every week, so 3 months from now I will have a happy little archive sitting there.

Author: John McKirdy

Husband, Father, Computer nerd, Fat fitness junkie, MMA fan, Wildebeest

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