After making the decision to pursue building my knowledge in computer programming last November; first by learning Python, then web development starting with the basics (html, css, JavaScript) I find myself losing steam. Everyone has an excuse as to why they should settle for less than they set out to achieve and that always bothered me, so I’ve decided pen out some of my frustrations here.

For me it basically stems from a LACK OF FOCUS, having 3 young kids at home with me, living rurally and taking care of a house undergoing renovations there are no limit to the distractions that pull my focus away from what I am doing. The Key here is that everyone gets sidetracked, everyone loses focus and momentum, but it’s those few that are able to RE-FOCUS quickly who succeed in their endeavors.

Ask yourself WHY would I choose to re-focus? – Your WHY will determine weather you get back on that horse and wagon or not so you better figure that out! My reason why I’m building software and tech skills is because at the age of 32 I don’t want to have to take a job that is physical/dangerous to do, or work for less than I know that I am worth. (And I love computer programming!) I know this will take some time to build a good enough portfolio to be taken seriously and I am willing to put in that time!

Author: John McKirdy

Husband, Father, Computer nerd, Fat fitness junkie, MMA fan, Wildebeest

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