My Journey in Computer Programming

Python, JavaScript, GitHub, HTML+CSS, PC builds, and more!

From the time I wrote my first line of ‘Liberty BASIC’ code, back in grade 8, I was hooked! I thought to myself, “This is freaking amazing! I can tell the computer to carry out any complicated function or set of instructions and it does exactly what I tell it to with blinding speed and absolute precision! I only need to tell it what to do COMPLETELY and CORRECTLY but if I make one error, it won’t compute. Then go figure out where the error is, what’s throwing it, and correct it. The computer executes the commands I give it perfectly, when the instructions are given perfectly. It’s like having an absolute genius, albeit hyper-O.C.D. robot slave!”

In 2019 I had been working on Python programming where I built several text-based applications like a “Wheel of Fortune” game and a “Treasure Quest” game. A program that looks through a strings, within a PDF, and scrapes that data into a separate file.(PDF scraper) An alpha-numeric generator. I use both Windows and Linux Terminals and have made video tutorial series on these.

I built this site and a few client sites with WordPress.

I like to code with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

My Favorite Sites:

My Python Projects:

(Must have python 3.7.4 and up, or just copy and paste to