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From the time I wrote my first line of ‘Liberty BASIC’ code I was hooked! I thought to myself, “This is freaking amazing! I can tell the computer to carry out any complicated function or set of instructions and it does exactly what I tell it to with blinding speed and absolute precision! I only need to tell it what to do COMPLETELY and CORRECTLY and the computer executes the commands I give it perfectly. It’s like having an absolute genius, albeit hyper O.C.D. robot slave!”

Recently I have been working on Python programming where I built several text-based applications like my ‘Wheel of Fortune’ game, Treasure Quest game, PDF scraper, and an alpha-numeric generator. I use both Windows and Linux Terminals and have made video tutorial series on these. I built this site and a few client sites with WordPress. I like to code with HTML+CSS, and am just starting learning JavaScript.

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Testing out some url copying video block
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First Tech Post

So here are 4 cool things to do with windows terminal to get you started on the right foot.

  1. Change title of cmd prompt window.
  2. Change colors
  3. Know what is in your current working directory
  4. Know how to navigate through your directories
  5. Extra – using keyboard shortcuts

It’s important to get used to using keyboard shortcuts since sometimes you may want to navigate quickly to a certain spot on the command line.

tab = completes typing if possible
up/down = cycles through available files and/or past commands
home = brings you to beginning of current line
end = brings you to the end of current line
ctrl + side arrows = jumps one word at a time along command line