Using Windows cmd line

Cmd line E01

So here are 4 cool things to do with windows terminal to get you started on the right foot.

  1. Change title of cmd prompt window.
  2. Change colors
  3. Know what is in your current working directory
  4. Know how to navigate through your directories
  5. Extra – using keyboard shortcuts

It’s important to get used to using keyboard shortcuts since sometimes you may want to navigate quickly to a certain spot on the command line.

tab = completes typing if possible
up/down = cycles through available files and/or past commands
home = brings you to beginning of current line
end = brings you to the end of current line
ctrl + side arrows = jumps one word at a time along command line

Cmd line. E01

Cmd line E02

I’m ranting about an adventure game I built using python in the middle of this episode. I give a quick demo/run thru but the game has a bug at the end, where the password you receive from a scantily clad fairy doesn’t actually change the output to the “win” category. I’ve got to figure that out because other than that the game is fully operational. The code for this game is downloadable in the “tech projects” part of the nav bar, then scroll down to “python code”.

Bullet Points:

  1. attrib, /a = pull up attributes list information. Use /a after dir as it’s attribute.
  2. /? = Help
  3. wmic logicaldisk get name, c: = Shows all drives that are hooked up. c: Go to c drive
Cmd line. E02

Cmd line E03

Create text files, ipconfig, tracert, and ping.

  1. echo some text > fullPath = “Echo’s” the string of text after the command and copy it to a text file at (>) location (full path name)
  2. ipconfig = IP configuration settings.
  3. tracert = trace route of connectivity
  4. ping = send some packets to an address and measure the time it takes to return. (Checks status of routers and anything with a IP address)

Hopefully this video gets loaded in OK quality, since I’m watching it now on the preview and the quality is horrible!(It was filmed and uploaded same way as the others, so not sure why) Also I rarely use these commands so I’m a little slow at it – your patience is appreciated!

Cmd line. E03

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